Thursday, 11 August 2011

Pinterest Addiction

I am recovering from Shingles :( so have decided to take it easy for a few days, not and easy undertaking when your brain is as busy as mine!

I have in this time discovered and am becoming increasingly addicted to website called pinterest the site lets you uploaded images from your own machine or from the web (with links) to your own pin boards, you give the pin boards a theme and then pin things you like to them. You can even re-pin from other people's boards.

If you have an online shop you can add images and links from your items and the prices, but you can basically add anything... books you like, recipes, crafts, inspirations, so what are you waiting for... get pinning (just make sure you have a few days to spare - it is addictive)

My page is here evajeanie pinterest page

One of my pinterest photo's is of my two years pudgy hands holding some of my neatly wound up threads, they didn't stay like this for long!


tamarajayne said...

I'm a BIG pinterest fan too! Time flies when you get to looking.....

Lorna May said...

What a gorgeous picture.

More mportantly hope you on the mend. Shingles: not nice :o(


The Patchwork Heart said...

I too am an addict it is fab for finding new ideas ... follow me

Catherine said...

I have become addicted too! so many great ideas and inspiration, although I think everyone is fed up of me going on about it! glad I could share here though! :)