Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I have somewhat neglected my blog in recent weeks, this is mainly due to my new new shop. I have noticed that since I became a partner with noths.com  (two months ago) I am now receiving quite a number orders dropping into my inbox each week, which has meant I haven't had time to blog to share how it is going.

It is a lovely feeling when someone orders a product that you make and it's even more special when it is a bespoke 'made to order' product. I love taking the time to add little embellishments, to make each piece unique and special, I like to use lots of buttons (I love buttons, especially old red ones). My new shop allows me the time to add these extra special touches as I don't need to spend quite so much time working on promotion and marketing as notonthehighstreet mostly do that for me.

They have a very comprehensive CMS system which allows you to control the many variables your product may need, such as colour choice, customisation etc. Which allows the buyer to be very specific about their requests, but in a way that is also manageable to the seller.

For example my personalised bunting has a choice of fabrics for both letters and flags, it has a choice of motifs and also includes a section in which the buyer can type the name required. I have taken two orders for this in the last week and it works very smoothly.

I attended a workshop last week at noths.com HQ in London and came away enthused with a head full of ideas for new products and how to alter existing designs, I also have to say they are a thoroughly great team of people and I feel very privileged to be a partner.


Lorna May said...

That's great that you haven't got time to blog as it means a busy busy busy worker.
It's good to hear NOThs is working for you :oDD

{Dab and a dash.}

evajeanie said...

It was quite quiet for the first month but I have had a steady stream of order since the bank hol, which is excellent, although I have neglected my blog, I am determined to keep up with it now that I have started one :)

The Patchwork Heart said...

I am a NOTHS reject so well done you, I hope it works out for you
H x

evajeanie said...

Oh Heather, you know what, I think sometimes with NOTHS it's just down to timing, I think your work is absolutely gorgeous and maybe they just weren't looking for the products you submitted at the time. There's nothing to stop you trying again with different products.

Linds x