Friday, 7 October 2011

New Autumnal Plum and Mustard Bunting

It's been a very busy week in the evajeanie and squarepear furniture household. We have both been developing and uploading new products (in fact I don't know what we did with our lives before we opened our online shops, we must have been mega lazy)!

My latest addition is this lovely shabby chic, handmade fabric bunting. Made using gorgeous plum, mustard and a hint of turquoise cottons, just right for autumn (and the sudden drop in temperature we've had)...

The bunting measures 2.2 metres in length but I can make to a bespoke length if you email me.


The Patchwork Heart said...

I love the colours you have chosen for this autumn bunting ... very 'IN' ! Yes I agree with you we must have had so much time before we started all this making and selling on line!
Heather x

evajeanie said...

The colour scheme for this bunting was a bit of a fluke, I bought a big stash back in the Summer of odd bits, I wasn't trying to match them at all I was just trying to find fabrics that filled the gaps in my current selection. It wasn't until I got home I realised how well they went together too. I love a happy accident :)