Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 22: Homemade Daily Challenge

Back in November 2011 a neighbour of mine invited me over for a coffee and told me she had something for me, it sounded rather ominous so I went over with trepidation (thinking she was probably going to give me some curtains to take up). But when I arrived I was presented with a bowl of what she called 'Gloop' I was rather excited with the 'gloop' as I thought we were maybe going to be making a collage or some kind of craft activity. But then she told me it was a cake, I was a little disappointed at the lack of crafting and even more disappointed to find that yes indeed it was a cake but that I had to make it and bake it myself and it wouldn't be ready for 10 days!!! I started to think, I had misjudged the relationship and clearly she wasn't a friend at all.

So I came home with the bowl of gloop with the intentions of slinging it in the bin, but this neighbour lives very close by and would definitely be visiting at some point within the 10 days and would know that there was a lack of gloop in my kitchen. So I decided to try it for a couple of days at least then I could say I had tried and failed. So opened the instructions and found that the gloop actually had a name, it was Herman, this made the thought of slinging him out a little harder :( he was a cake with a name.

Herman today: Day 1
But as I read on the instructions where pretty simple and actually all you do for the first few days is give Herman a stir. The recipes vary slightly but as the days pass you just need to stir and add a few simple ingredients on the last day you split the ingredients and share it amongst some friends (the numbers vary depending on your recipe). I managed to keep Herman alive and palm 3 portions of gloop off onto other friends and even baked the final cake which was absolutely delicious and very simple to do. So when a friend of mine (Michelle from Button it) was asking for new takers for a new Herman cake I practically bit her hand off! I went to pick him up today and alongside my Crafty daily blog I will be giving you a Herman update and then on day 9 I will be looking for friends to share him with so you can make your own.

When I get to the baking day I will post the recipe.


Lorna May said...

haha love your honesty in this post.
My hubby would throw it out if i left it in the kitchen! Can't wait to see how it progresses.

evajeanie said...

Sometimes I am too honest for my own good!! My Mum has just phoned to remind me I need to add more ingredients to it today, I had completely forgotten!!

Lyndsey Little Treasures said...

awww my Herman is a descendant of yours :0)