Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28: Homemade Daily Challenge

I had a minor op yesterday and not feeling too clever today, so this is a quick post.

A few months ago I made some lined clasp frame purses, I followed this comprehensive tutorial for my first attempt I used some lovely Cath Kidston fabrics and have big plans for making more with machine embroidered designs, I just wanted to nail the technique of purse making before I attempted it with something I had spent a long time embroidering in case it went wrong, the glue I use is very very sticky and can be a bit messy too.

Here's my first attempt, I think it was a bit of a fluke:

I have got a head full of ideas for these purses and hope I get the time to follow them up and blog about them too :) have a great weekend.


sadie said...

fabulous. I have tried to make these and mine are ..well.. let's just say a little bit rough! I shall continue to try though!

hope you recover quickly from the op.

evajeanie said...

They are very fiddly and you need to get the measurements exact. This one is still a little flawed so I kept it for myself :) I think as with all things the more you do the easier and quicker it gets, stick with it!

Thanks feeling a bit more 'with it' this evening :) x

Lorna May said...

Hope you feeling better now.

It looks fab.
I have only ever made one of these and can safely say NEVER again. The most fiddliest craft item ever made, it certainly didn;t look as good as yours.