Sunday, 25 March 2012

Butterfly Bunting

Phew, it has been such a busy week, just when I thought things were starting to settle down a bit I caught a really bad virus and just as I was recovering my husband and Eva got it too, so now I am being Dobbie the House Elf. It felt like flu but I think it's probably just a really bad cold and compared to the others I think I got off lightly.

I have also had lots of graphics work to do this week, the hardest part was pretending that I felt totally fine discussing projects with a client when I actually felt like I was dieing! But that's all part of being self employed and the pros always far outweigh the cons.

I have also had a number handmade orders this week as my shop is now back from holiday mode. One of the orders was for personalised girls butterfly bunting, the bunting is a lovely Christening or new baby gift, it comes in a choice of colourways and can be personalised with a name or saying of your choice, as I have just had an order I have taken some new photo's I have slightly changed the design of the butterfly and am really happy with it's new form, I love how my style changes and is constantly evolving.


Thecraftytrundler said...

Love it!!!! Glad you feel better : )

Sharon xx

evajeanie said...

Thank you!! Gosh can't believe it's taken over a week to get back to normal (whatever normal is), must meet up soon xx

Lorna May said...

Lovely work and good to see you back :o)

evajeanie said...

Thanks :) glad to be back!