Thursday, 6 December 2012

Kitchen Table Business

Well it's blooming freezing today and I have a pile of orders to get through, I usually do all my printing at a workshop in Leicester but I am really pushed for time so have decided to have a quick catch up on my kitchen table, it's actually really quick (once I got going) and I must have saved loads of time and trouble in getting to Leicester and back, think I'll be doing more printing like this.

I already had my exposed screen and printing paint, my husband made me a printing bed, I bought the hinges so all in it's probably cost around £100.00 to get set up at home but I will save that money pretty quickly and also I won't be stressing all the way to Leicester about what I have forgotten!!

I did have a complete squeegee nightmare, I tried to get away with using a cheap version, but it was worse than useless, as I was in a rush I phoned Fred Aldous craft supplies extraordinaires, and they were so helpful, they gave me some advice and posted the new squeegee which I received yesterday,  meaning I can get the orders all out by the weekend if I get a wriggle on!

These Scandinavian inspired Christmas trees are just some of the designs I am printing this morning, I literally have 2 hours before I have to collect Eva from playschool, so best dash!


Kay said...

These are just fab! They would be great done as bunting too.

Lindsay Day said...

Hi Kay! I'm glad you like them! Please don't mention the 'b' word til the other side of Christmas!! I'm in bunting hell at the moment!!! lol xx