Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 13: Handmade daily challenge

Happy Friday everyone! Yay, nearly the weekend here's and easy peasey storecupcoard recipe that I had for my dinner last night and you might want to try over the weekend.

It is a sort of Sausage Stew but doesn't require hours of cooking and can be made using hotdog sausages. But I also think you could bung it all in the slow cooker and it would do any harm, just brown everything first so that it tastes yum.

Cube and fry 5-6 rashers of pancetta until golden and add a crushed garlic clove, after a few seconds add dried mixed herbs, two tins tomatoes and a stock cube once it's all bubbling nice add a tin off mixed beans (you could use dried beans and soak them over night - if you can be bothered).

Either grill or fry some sausages in another pan and once cooked slice into inch size pieces. It should all start to thicken within around 10 mins, if not turn up heat.

Then add some shredded green cabbage and cook for further five mins.

Serve with some nice bread.

It might not look much but it's very tasty, it's ready in 20 mins and my two year old loved it :)


Thecraftytrundler said...

Sounds pretty delicious!!! Will have to try it one day : )

Sharon xx

evajeanie said...

Thanks Sharon, I think the thing that's makes it so delicious is that it is so quick but no one would guess! xx