Saturday, 14 January 2012

Day 14: Homemade Daily Challenge

This morning I have a bit of a hangover, not really the norm for me. Since having my child nearly three years ago I have drunk rarely but last night I was invited to a neighbours Pampered Chef Party and I am sure part of the deal is the host gets you a bit drunk so that you buy lots of things, I didn't need any encouragement I think their stuff is great, I'm a stoneware convert :) but I guess I possibly bought a few more items than I had planned to and I'm putting this down to the bottle of wine I think I drank!

Anyway it is a lovely Saturday morning here, frosty but the sun is shining and I have a craft fair to go to (as a buyer) and it is also walking distance from where I live, which is great. Just need a little aspirin first and maybe a sneak peek at the new copy of Mollie Makes which arrived on the door mat this morning (yay!)

Talking of sneak peeks, here is some bunting that I have just finished and will be part of my new range, I hope you like it, I love green and pink together and the tilda fabric makes everything look great :)


Thecraftytrundler said...

Yes, Pampered Chef parties are great, I agree! Your new bunting is lovely, and love those owls
: )
Can't wait to see Mollie Makes in the shops!

sharon xx

evajeanie said...

Hi Sharon thanks :0) will be having Pampered Chef in April u r most welcome to come over.

Just found new magazine you might like, it's called homes & antiques it's nice like Country living but a bit fresher, hope you are having a nice weekend xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Let me know when please. I went to one at my friend Sonia's, and got some great things! Only thing is , Sonia emigrated to Canada : (
Saw that mag, very tempted, but trying to sort out a humumgous stash of them!!!

Sharon xx

evajeanie said...

I will, am waiting for woman to phone me with a date.

I gave 3 years worth of Country Living to a day centre where my mum volunteers so now I can start a whole new stash, everyone's a winner lol xx