Friday, 3 February 2012

Day 34: Homemade Daily Challenge

Well a very happy good morning Friday to you, have you had any snow where you are it feels cold enough brrrrrrr!

I have been trying my best to take it easy this week after a bit of minor surgery last Friday but this hasn't been easy (hasn't happened), the stitches are being taken out on Monday although I am dreading that part, I also want them removed as they are agony, hope they aren't infected, they don't look like they are but they are really sore.

I have had a stack of orders this week and along with a web site to redesign for my Graphic Design business, I pretty much came out of theatre and had to get straight back on the sewing machine, I do love sewing and I also love the variety the graphic design offers but this week it has felt a little overwhelming at times. I had to call in for extra help with childcare to try to get through everything, it doesn't help that I am a picky perfectionist and hate being rushed. If a design hasn't worked or isn't quite how I want it I will unpick it rather than send it out a little imperfect. I am also addicted to my phone, in the evenings (when I have decided to take a break) I end up checking my facebook fanpage, twitter and my blog comments in almost every ad break!!

This week I decided I needed to sort this out otherwise I was never going to get a break, so I picked up the crochet hook to sit and crochet whilst watching the a film in the evenings. I learnt how to make little flowers using crochet last summer, you can read more about this here. I decided I could handle something a little more tricky, I found a pattern for Granny Squares from the Meet Me at Mikes book, the pattern is written in the English version of crochet which was handy and I also double checked my technique with a youtube tutorial.

After a few mishaps I started to get the hang of it.


I love how the little rounds don't look much to start with, but soon turn into joyous supercute little squares. Being a neat person I really love them once the ends are all sewn in!

After four nights I now have a little pile of small granny squares, I want to make a blanket and know I am a long way off that but I did get quicker as I went along and have also found that I have been able to 'switch off' and relax in the evenings I have crocheted as my hands are too busy to check my phone!


Lorna May said...

LOVE the bright colours.
Sigh must learn to crochet!

{Dab and a dash.}

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love them!!! You're doing really well. I have a bag full of yarn in lovely bright 'Attic 24' colours, but haven't picked up my hook yet!! One day I will.
Hope you can get those stitches removed as painlessly as possible.

Hugs ((( )))

Sharon xx

evajeanie said...

I'll show you Lorna! Next time you come I could show you some basics, although I am going t be doing some workshops this year and will be doing one on Granny Squares if you are interested?

Thanks Sharon! I love the Attic24 blog, such an inspiration! It is hard to find the time, I have only made this progress because I have been forcing myself to slow down in the evenings this week. Thank you today is the first day for a week that I haven't been in agony!! They are being taken out on Monday than all normality will resume :)

Linds xx

Quirky Boots said...

ah fab i have so many grannie projects on the go at the moment, i love your funky colours x

evajeanie said...

They are very addictive aren't they?! I just bought some cheap wool to get the technique but I actually really like how they are turning out x