Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day 42: Homemade Daily Challenge, bit of tlc

Today I thought I would do a little job I have been meaning to do for years (yes I do mean years) but have never got round to.

When my Great Granny Jeanie died she left lots of lovely pieces of jewellery and luckily some pieces came to me. None were particularly valuable, but worth more in sentimental value. One piece that she left was a string of plastic blue beads. I loved these beads and wore them all the time, even though the paint was chipping off I still loved them.

When Eva my daughter was around the age of one she developed a love of jewellery, beads in particular and one day while I was carrying her to the car she took a swipe for my beloved blue beads and the cord broke,  I acted with haste and scooped as many as I could find into a (clean) nappy sack.

They have remained in this nappy sack for nearly three years, I always intended to fix them but it was always at the bottom of my list of jobs to do. But when I started this blogging everyday challenge I seen the perfect opportunity to get some of those little jobs done too. I knew I had lost some of the beads so would need extra ones to make a similar size necklace, so I bought some chunky wooden Royal Blue beads from a shop on the Portobello Road which match perfectly and set about mending my necklace.

It honestly took me about 15 minutes and I am so pleased with the results, I do wish I had mended them before now as I have missed out on years of wearing them but maybe in some strange way I'll appreciate them all the more. I hope my Gran would be pleased with the results.


Quirky Boots said...

aw thats lovely honey xxx

evajeanie said...

I'm glad you back!! Thank you, I am going to wear them all the time again now :) xxx

sadie said...

a great job. I love to revamp jewellery, even more so if it means I get to wear old favourites again.

I'm sure your Gran would be thrilled!

Thecraftytrundler said...

I'm sure your gran would love to see them being worn again! They look great!! Eva will be wanting a set too : ) x

Sharon xx