Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 41: Homemade Daily Challenge, Button Heart

With Valentine's Day looming, I mean just around the corner I thought I would base the next few days posts around things that you could make as a gift, or better keep for yourself. I am lucky enough to have a special person in my life, fellow craftsperson of squarepear furniture but I am not going to be giving him one of these supercute button hearts as he won't appreciate it, he doesn't share my button addiction for a start!

 These lovely little decorations are simple to make, you just need about 15 inches of 15 amp fuse wire and a selection of nice buttons, I have decided to go a bit non-traditional and have chosen a spring palette as I am hopeful it is on it's way :) You also need some ribbon or string to hang it.

First job is to thread the buttons on to the wire making sure they all face the same way (all fronts lined up). I have found the easiest way to do this, is to thread your first button into the middle of the wire and work outwards to either end, it just makes it less fiddly.

To make life even easier, thread each button on to the wire through the first hole and push it all the way to where you want it to sit on the wire and then thread through the second hole you will find it easier than trying to push two threaded holes down the wire. 

Once the whole wire is covered (leaving about an inch or two of bare wire at either end) wrap the remaining wire over and under the wire on the back of your heart, you will now have a big circle of buttons. All that's left to do is squish in at the top and pull out the bottom until you are happy with your heart shape. Attach your chosen hanging ribbon and go beautify a room with you new make :)

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sadie said...

pretty! simple but effective.