Friday, 17 August 2012

A day screen printing

Over the last few months, I have been busy designing new products and am launching a new screen printed range. I love the screen printing technique, it's so fast and quite satisfying (when it goes according to plan) I have had a few mess up's, like blocking my entire screen when trying to print on an especially hot day, I just wasn't quick enough and the mesh all clogged up, total nightmare, had to strip the screen and start again. But that was a hard lesson, learnt the hard way!

I did quite a bit of printing yesterday, here's my set up in the studio:

I always mean to take some photo's when I am actually printing, but I'm a bit too scared to take any mid-print as I don't want to leave it too long and clog up my screen again (see I did learn a lesson).

Here are some of the products I have made that are now finished, I also have 6 more products that have been printed but not made up yet. I will also be selling some items as craft kits.

Big Button Pin Cushion 

Never loose your pincushion again with these super-sized button pin cushions, the perfect companion for your sewing project!

I Love Shopping Tote Bag

The first in a new range of printed bags, don't go shopping without one!


Deanne said...

love the action shots and the new products cant wait to see what kits you have on offer :) x

Lindsay Day said...

Thanks hun, we need to talk boxes!!! x