Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 33: Homemade Daily Challenge.

Herman is baked!

I baked Herman the German friendship cake yesterday, you can read about Herman's humble beginnings here, but just look at him now!

It was worth the effort. Although I think he did get a little singed (not burnt you understand).

I followed a similar recipe last Autumn but I think the quantities were greater so made a larger cake that required longer cooking. As my oven is a bit on the fierce side I think I might possibly stick to my original recipe if I were to bake it again, the original is as follows:

This time I left out the apples and added chocolate chips which take some of the moisture (some would call it sogginess) from the cake. But I know other people who have added nuts, honeycomb or other fruit, I think Herman is a fairly adaptable guy, so if a friend or neighbour ask you if you would like a batch of Herman to make I would really recommend it.

NB: I do also have a pdf and word of the recipe if you would like it. If you aren't lucky enough to be passed a batch of Herman I do also have the starter recipe which I will happily type for you and email if you should need it :)


Thecraftytrundler said...

Looks yummy!!!! Ideal with a coffee or tea & chat!!! : ) x

Sharon xx

sadie said...

yum, Herman looks tasty! x

evajeanie said...

Well if I am honest he is a little dry, luckily I have a little pot of clotted cream and some jam! Yum! xxx