Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 37: Homemade Daily Challenge, Toad in the Hole

My heritage is partly from Yorkshire and all the ladies in my family can make awesome Yorkshire Puddings. This skill has always escaped me. No matter what I do, I end up with soggy pudding or burnt pudding. Never the light, crisp, well risen delights that my Mother seems to be able to make in her sleep! In theory it should be easy, get a pan nice and hot with a little oil, pour in some pancake mixture and put it back into a hot oven. But I have always avoided making a Sunday Roast through the shame that is my lack of yorkshire pudding skillage.

Last month I went to a Pampered Chef  party where the host said we were going to make fool-proof yorkies that would rise out of the dish and were easy peasy to make using the baking stoneware. Of course I didn't believe a word.

She added 1 cup plain flour, 1 cup milk and 4 eggs* to a bowl and whisked. Whilst the oven came to a roaring furnace (it's got to be hot I've been told).  Spray some oil into the stoneware. Pour the batter into the dish or dishes to about half way up and put in the oven. To my amazement about 20 minutes later she removed from the oven a dozen, huge, golden brown, crisp, fluffy puddings. I had to buy a dish just to see for myself!!

Two weeks later my dish arrived this weekend I had a bash at making a Toad in the Hole. I first baked the sausages for about 12 minutes in the dish as I then didn't need to add any extra oil, while I prepared the batter (same recipe as above) I poured it into the dish and put back in to over for 20mins on a high setting and then another 5 mins on a lower setting, that bits not an exact science as all ovens are different.

This is what I pulled out of the oven after said 25 minutes:

Unfortunately in my eagerness to fill my belly I forgot to take a side view so you could see how well it rose but it stood up from the dish by about 3 inches!! We were all very impressed and got stuck in with veggies and gravy. It was so simple and completely worked even for a first attempt. Although I am not sure my granny would approve of using American stoneware when if I had any actual skill I could make them in her old baking tin!! 

*In my original post I said 2 eggs you actually need 4 for a good rise!!


Thecraftytrundler said...

Well done!!!! I know what you mean about Yorkshire puddings. I have tried just about everything, but they just don't turn out : (
Is it because the stoneware gets extra hot I wonder?

sharon xx

scrappymo! said...

Hi, just visiting your blog from an invite thru your friend's blog Quirky Boots.
Your blog looks very the daily creation thing...I have signed up to I get inspired to get off the computer and create!

Unknown said...

Hi Sharon, yes I think it is because the stoneware regulates the temperature better, when I seen her do yorkshire puddings (not toad in the hole) she put all the ingredients into a cold dish, so it must be something to do with it getting super hot. They didn't stick either even though hardly any oil was used, it's magic actually I think!

Hi Scrappymo! Thanks for dropping by great to have you here, yes the www is a haven for crafty folk, so much talent, ideas and like-minded people, you really could spend all day hopping from one site to another, I am particularly addicted to pinterest!


Deanne said...

snap! i bought the muffin stoneware as i am useless at yorkies :) mines just arrived so cant wait to get making, we made eclairs out of ours too - yum yum yum xxx