Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New look Blog!

Followers of my blog will know that I don't always make things from fabric. I am also a Graphic Designer (indeed this is where it all started). So my day is usually split between sewing and drawing, which isn't a bad life at all.

But lately I have been doing some snooping about in blogland and have found some pretty gorgeous blogs and to be honest they put mine to shame! As I don't really have any excuse for a shoddy blog I set to work designing my page especially for me, which isn't the easiest thing in the world to do as I hate designing for myself. With my clients I ask for a clear brief for the initial concepts stage but when you are designing for yourself the goalposts are constantly shifting and I think I would have to be the worst client, my ideas and needs are constantly changing and I'm never satisfied!

I did get some inspiration from a client's blog that I designed a few weeks ago claireabellemakes and Claire recently contacted me again to design for her some additional social media buttons for her site:

 I really like the greens and corally pink I have used and really wanted to use them on my own blog but in a different way. I have also designed a new blog button for evajeanie and a new shop button:

So it has take me a while to come up with and draw a concept that I was happy with, but here it it my finished design (which I am sure will morph into something completely different over the coming months, but this is the starting point). Hope you like the new look and I'd loved to heat what you think.

If you would like to have some designs made for you please message me, I can also do business cards, leaflets, posters etc.


Ruth at DaisyShop.co.uk said...

Loving the new look. x

Unknown said...

Awww thanks Ruth, I am really happy with it, I think my blog now shows a bit more about my personality as well as my work, I'm glad you like it :)