Monday, 17 June 2013

Today is all about the Bunting

After the mad rush on personalised glasses cases for Fathers Day last week, this week is mostly going to be about catching up on the new influx of bunting orders. It must be Christening season as I have noticed a huge increase in sales over recent weeks for this handmade free-machined, appliquéd bunting.

I do sell a lot of this type of bunting throughout the year but it's mostly the designs for girls (like my cupcakes or butterfly flags), this week however all of the orders in my book are for Personalised Boys Sail Boat bunting in blues and greens, it's really lovely working in a different colour scheme for a change! As much as I love pink and green (and I really do love it) there's nothing like a change up to freshen your eyes and your mood.

This gorgeous wave print is the first print I have used from my new fabric stash arrival, it's a 100% certified organic cotton fabric called 'Seven Seas' from Michéle Brummer-Everett at 9 fabrics and I am in love with it, I also have it in red and pink (yes I know! I said I loved it).

I also made some Baby Boy Sail Boat Bunting in baby blues and creams.

It's been a very productive day -  a cracking start to the week! I hope yours has been too.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

New phone - much excitement!

I have finally got a new phone. I have been itching to try out the new A Beautiful Mess app for some time but my old brick just wouldn't manage it, well it would but it wouldn't have been the smooth enjoyable experience I was aching for. As soon as my new phone was in my mits I made sure it was the first new app I treated myself to and all I can say is I am totally addicted, it's really easy to use and adds bags of personality to your photographs!

You can add your own text, little doddles and borders, change the colours. I have only tried it out on a few snaps and I'm so impressed, although I can see one flaw, it's going to be very addictive so be warned!!

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Here's some pics I've taken and jazzed up so far...

1. I spent a couple of hours yesterday tidying my studio and added on of my old Craft Fair crates to house my magazines and recent fabric stash purchase (this deserves it's own post so will expand upon this at a later date). I'm loving my new 'tidy' corner I can't work in clutter it drives me crazy.

2. Last weekend we went to Cromer, this is a picture of Eva on the old Diesel train which runs from Sheringham to Holt, it's a beautiful journey and all the old stations have been restored so are as they would have been, I'm not much into trains but even I could appreciate it. Holt was a beautiful little town with lots of little antique and individual quirky shops, although I wouldn't recommend going on a Sunday as most of it was closed!

3. This morning on my balcony my little marigolds have started to bloom, I have planted them in an old cast casserole pot that I picked up from Wicksteed Park car boot sale last Summer for 50p, I was going to use it for cooking but I think this is a much better use for it.

If you are on instagram or have used the A Beautiful Mess app, let me know what you think and leave a link below and I'll be sure to follow you!