Sunday, 25 March 2012

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I just thought I would share with you a really lovely comment that I have just received through Flickr about my photographs:

Nipuntantia14 said:
Fantastic Click.......your pictures feel like a window to whole new another world to have a great photostream......such INSPIRING work.....
Have a nice day... (-;
Please do have a look at my gallery on my page on facebook Say Cheese Photographer

Isn't that just awesome? I have never had feedback through Flickr and this has really made my weekend!

evajeanie's photostream on Flickr.
Handmade, upcycled and crafted lovely things to make you smile :)

Butterfly Bunting

Phew, it has been such a busy week, just when I thought things were starting to settle down a bit I caught a really bad virus and just as I was recovering my husband and Eva got it too, so now I am being Dobbie the House Elf. It felt like flu but I think it's probably just a really bad cold and compared to the others I think I got off lightly.

I have also had lots of graphics work to do this week, the hardest part was pretending that I felt totally fine discussing projects with a client when I actually felt like I was dieing! But that's all part of being self employed and the pros always far outweigh the cons.

I have also had a number handmade orders this week as my shop is now back from holiday mode. One of the orders was for personalised girls butterfly bunting, the bunting is a lovely Christening or new baby gift, it comes in a choice of colourways and can be personalised with a name or saying of your choice, as I have just had an order I have taken some new photo's I have slightly changed the design of the butterfly and am really happy with it's new form, I love how my style changes and is constantly evolving.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New makes from some old things

The new ipad cosies are proving to be popular. Here is some photo's of the latest order, made using gorgeous Tanya Whelan fabric with a mirco red and white polka dot, the cosy has an integral pocket on the front and is finished off with a vintage button.

Talking of vintage, I had an most super time at the northampton vintage fair on Saturday, here are some of my finds. As anticipated most of these lovelies came from shabby polka dots and Ticking Stripe. 

They both had such a fabulous selection it was really hard to choose. In fact I was actually walking out the door when I decided I had to go back for the floral bark cloth (pictured on the top of the bottom photo). I am so glad I went back for it I wouldn't have slept!! I also really love the old wooden reel Sylko threads, especially the ones with the descriptive names on which are the earliest versions (before everything was given a number). They are really beautiful and great for props in photos but I have found they are completely rubbish for using in my modern sewing machine. Maybe that's a good excuse to invest in an old beauty, I'll have to see if I can find one at my next vintage fair!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Not sure I'll make it through the day without shedding a tear :(

Since I became a parent 3 years ago I have turned into some kind of emotional namby pamby. I wouldn't say that prior to motherhood I was an especially 'hard' person but I don't know if it's the hormones or whether being a parent has made me more sensitive to other people's feeling, whatever the reasons it doesn't take much to make me blub.

Today's going to be quite a difficult day for me, for the last year my daughter has had a brilliant time with a local childminder, she goes there for two mornings a week and for the early days it was in this time that I set up my handmade business evajeanie. I was really apprehensive about leaving Eva with someone else especially as in the beginning I wasn't really making any money from the handmade business, so putting her into childcare seemed a little unjustifiable. But I also knew that in the long run it would really help Eva settle at Nursery and make friends, so in a kind of backwards way, maybe I set up evajeanie to give myself something tangible to do while Eva was at childcare having a different kind of learning experience without me.

The arrangement has really worked and she has also now really settled into playschool for two afternoons, I know that a lot of this easy transition can be attributed to the fantastic childminder, she has really helped prepare Eva for the new setting and new friendships. Sadly today is the last day Eva will be going to the childminder's and we are all very sad although we are really grateful for all her hard work :)

I couldn't let the her go without making her something that will hopefully remind her of us.

 I made a cute owl cushion, made using a mix of vintage and modern fabric, I hope she likes it!

Also a hand and machine stitched card, made using a vintage fabric and button and a machine stitched and handmade gift tag.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Vintage Fair this weekend

Last month I blogged about a super vintage fair that I attended in Market Haborough, Leicestershire. The same group have organised another for this month in Northampton. I thought it might be nice to let you know in advance (rather than just to tell you what you missed on Monday).
Two of my favourite stalls will  be there Shabby Polka Dots

and also Ticking Stripes

I bought some gorgeous fabrics from Ticking stripes the last time and am hopeful they will have some more to help feed my fabric addition, I especially loved the M&S vintage sheeting which is sold in fat quarter packs, I have used to make the buttons shown in the new banner at the top of my blog.

It will be a fab afternoon, if you have a spare hour pop along, even if it's just for a cup of tea and piece of scrummy cake.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Yay! I'm off to Vintage!!

 Last year when the Vintage Festival was on the Southbank London, I was desperate to go, but it was a bit too far away for me to go and leave my little girl who was only two at the time. Can you imagine my excitement when I discovered that the festival was not only going to run again this year, but it is literally on my doorstep!

For 2012 Vintage is going to take place at Boughton House in Northamptonshire, just a couple of miles from my home, it's such a shame that we moved as we did actually live in the closest village of Geddington until 2010, but you can't live somewhere in hope the hope that Wayne will put a festival on.

I booked my tickets last night in anticipation of this morning's act announcement. Here is some of the line up, it looks awesome already, these are just some of the acts, I can't wait and am planning outfits already!

There are a number of music venues I won't bore you will all the details, but I am also super excited about this part too....

Monday, 5 March 2012

iPad sleeve handmade and available to order

Good morning! Hope you have had a lovely weekend, the sun is shining here which is quite unexpected. I haven't blogged for a week which has honestly been a welcome break, blogging every day was wearing a little thin, the evejeanie business has really taken off now and my Graphics Business has so much work on the board at the moment, I have for the first time in six years had to turn work down. It's not something I want to do but I pride myself in providing a consistent and excellent design service to all my customers and am not about to compromise on that even if it means turning work away.

I have just finished a new order for an ipad cosy with matching corsages made from gorgeous Cath Kidston and Liberty's fabric. These are only available to order directly from me. Perfect gift for Mother's Day, or the techie in your life! If you would like one email me with your required colour scheme.


The ipad cosy is £25.00 and the matching corsages are £5.00 each (including postage within the UK).