Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New Mother's Day Printed wrapping paper and cards

It's been a busy few weeks of developing new products for Spring. I am ever conscious that I want to hand make a proportion of my work so with that in mind I went to Leicester last week to expose a brand new screen to set about doing some screen prints for Mothers Day cards and matching wrapping paper.

Unfortunately my new screen is massive, it's not actually, it's A1 in size but as I am bearly 5ft with short arms to match the short legs, the purchase of this new screen may be a bit of a school boy error.

I was trying to be frugal as I can obviously squeeze more designs and products on to a larger screen but it only just fits on to my base board, think I may also need a new dining room table to work on. I should have realised the problem when I struggled to fit it into the car. Well I'd better get used to it I suppose as I'm stuck with it now!

Here is me working through some prints for new Mother's Day products.

Gotta love a bit of hot pink.

The finished items are available here in my etsy shop.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

First time in the press!

Yesterday when I heard the reassuring thud of post landing on the doormat I was more excited than usual. I knew from facebook that I was due to receive my regular copy of the beautiful Homemaker magazine and doubly exciting, this month my handmade vintage fabric buttons were going to be featured in the Vintage Haberdashery section.

So I tore off the plastic coat and flicked through the magazine to hurriedly find my items, I didn't find them straight away and had a little moment where I thought maybe they had reconsidered and withdrawn them from the feature :( Luckily they were there and I did find them (on page 61) and here they are...

Homemaker is a new magazine, but I had to subscribe to it as soon as I saw the first edition. It is beautifully designed and it packed with design and craft inspiration and ideas, there is also a sizable dose of knitting and baking. It really covers everything you would ever need for the perfect homemade home.

My buttons can be purchased from my etsy shop.

Monday, 4 February 2013

New Card Range

I have so much I want to share at the moment, I have been out of action for the last week or so, firstly due to the snow as I had limited childcare and secondly because Eva was so poorly all week last week with a very nasty sickness bug, I took the week off to care for her, one of the massive perks of being self employed is that even though it's a bit of a juggle I know I can be there for my family at a moments notice. So reassuring, I don't think I could manage any other way now.

Happy Birthday Eva!!!
Eva is four years old today, I cannot believe it, it has totally flown by. That's not to say the trauma's of childbirth aren't still fresh in my mind (hence only one child)!

I just have time to share with you the cards in my new range of products, I have re-opened my etsy shop and they are flying off the shelves. One was even featured in the etsyuk email yesterday, I was so excited to see it! It's quite a small pic but it's on the bottom left.

So here they are... my biscuit and sweet themed cards, inspired by childhood nostalgia, a super yummy selection of illustrated cards for Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays or just a special card to cheer someone up.

The cards are all available as personalised and non-personalised. There is still enough time to order a personalised card for Valentine's Day, if you are quick!

 Nice Biscuit Cards

 Jammy Dodger Cards

Love Heart Sweet Cards 

 I don't know about your guys, but I'm so glad it's February, good things are going to happen I can feel it!