Saturday, 23 July 2011

Finally Live!

My shop has finally been activated on notonthehighstreet it has been a lot of hard work and quite a  hefty initial outlay, but all the signs are there to say it was worth it as I have had a sale already, for one of my carrier bag holders, to say I am a little excited in an understatement, as I only went live at 5pm yesterday, so first sale within the first 12 hours!

What an excellent start to a Saturday morning.

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Ello Design said...

Thats great news! I recently got accepted too so can't wait to sort out my own shop on there too :) Great to see other Folksters on there and congrats on the sale!

Leanne x x

The Patchwork Heart said...

HUGE congrats I know you will do well! Heather x

Unknown said...

Thank you both, I am a bit nervous about not making my money back but I have been spending so much time promoting and only getting the odd sale, my husband and a couple of friends are on there and have done really well, so fingers crossed and thanks for your support.

Will look forward to seeing you live Ello Design!

Linds xx

The Patchwork Heart said...

I am about to set up my own website this summer when I return from holiday ... finally taking the plunge. I did not find folksy to be any good and although I do sell well on facebook it is a narrow market and you have to work it to get attention from your customers.Good luck Evajeanie! H x

Unknown said...

Hi Thank you, I haven't worked out how to sell through facebook :S but have sold a few items through folksy & etsy but not enough to get excited about! Good luck with your web site, I think you are doing the right thing as I think some selling sites are a bit saturated and it's so hard to stand out at least with your own site you have more control - keep me posted when you are live:) Linds xx