Saturday, 9 July 2011

Personalised Poppy Wren bunting

I really enjoy making personalised items for people and one product I get asked to make a lot is personalised bunting. This one was made for a little girl called Poppy Wren.
The full name was too long for bunting that would eventually be displayed in a bedroom so we decided to use Poppy for the lettered flags and come up with a design of a poppy and a wren combined for the end motifs flags.

I'm really happy with how it has worked out and that I have made a completely unique gift.

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Ello Design said...

So beautiful! The end motif is really cute too :)

Leanne x x

Hearts and Cupcakes said...
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Hearts and Cupcakes said...

Sorry about removing the above, there was a spelling mistake and couldn't work out how to edit it!
The bunting is gorgeous, I love that name and the idea of using a wren motif.

Unknown said...

Thank you, yes I think using the wren on the motif really worked, I love the colours, it looks a bit retro which was a bit unexpected but a pleasant suprise :D

PS Don't worry about deleting, I have no idea how to edit a post (or how to spell for that matter)

Lorna May said...

It's gorgeous and what a lovely name. Did you ask for a photo of it when it's been put up?

{Dab and a dash.}

Unknown said...

It is a beautiful name isn't it. I haven't asked for a pic but I will - good idea!