Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Print workshop

I have a bit of a thirst for knowledge. But with having a child, who is now two and setting up my first business in graphic design in 2005 there has been a bit of a drought in the learning department. When the handmade business evajeanie took form I decided I really want to try to use my design and illustration skills as much as possible, so I could link the two businesses together.

Since setting up as a freelance designer, technology has really changed, much of it for the greater good, but some things have been a bit detrimental to the print industry. Many things have shifted to only being available online or by email and I can see the advantages, but I do miss holding my designs for the first time when they have come back from being printed. So I have decided to be proactive and do something to address the balance, I have been on a screen printing course and have decided to try to take the whole business back to basics, well as much as possible, don't get me wrong I won't be turning down any offers of web site design, but I want to offer handmade printing as another avenue for my business, producing small quantities of high quality illustrations and designs that are hand printed and finished.

I have added some photo's from the course. I worked with a really simple line drawing that had been the starting point for an applique and free machined piece that I designed this year:

My screen with the design on (this has been through the imulsion and light process and is ready to use:

My mess (which actually got less messy as I got into a routine of work):

You do your first print on the accetate that is sellotaped to the side of your desk for registration purposes, although this a bit fiddly and later I found it easier to line up by eye:

One of my first attempts on to a bit of new print (cheap paper):

Some of the first prints, I chose a simple design that would be easy to print so I could focus on learning the technique:

It would be fair to say, that I got quite into the process and had a brilliant time printing. I have left the course with a head full of ideas.I am going to be printing on to fabrics soon I hope.

One of the finished prints:

If you are interested in a print workshop visit the site, they are based in Leicester and it is a great place to learn :)


Deanne said...

i am totally in love with what you have created :) xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!! Must have a go one day!!! Think I did try a bit if this at an open arts & crafts day at my daughter's school years ago.
Look forward to seeing how you progress with this !

Sharon xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Deanne :) It was great fun and pretty easy too. xx

Thanks Sharon, I went to Most Marvelous today and they are doing one day screen print workshops although I would def recommend where I did it in Leicester xx