Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 24: Homemade Daily Challenge

Although the weather outside is a bit grey, there is a spring-like scene on my kitchen window ledge. My Indoor hyacinths have finally flowered. Not only do they look beautiful with pretty blooms of delicate white flowers, they smell lovely too. The aroma has filled the kitchen and almost completely disguised the smell of the bin that need to be emptied yesterday.

They are perfect indoor bulbs for winter and can be grown in any container that is big enough as unlike most other plants they can be grown in containers with no drainage holes. I like to use old teacups, mugs, or tea pots, these would then also make great presents and after the flowers have gone the vessel can be used for the intended purpose again. You can also you special forcing jars:

To grow your own hyacinth bulbs you should buy 'prepared' bulbs online or from the garden centre (or supermarket) these are bred for early flowering. Keep them in the dark for 3-4 months, they need this time to develop strong roots systems, so it you want to give some as Christmas presents start them in early September.

What to do:
  • Place bulbs (pointy end up) in damp all purpose compost in the intended pot, leave only the very top of the bulb showing.
  • Add a stick of charcoal to the soil to prevent stagnating.
  • Put in a dark place (I keep mine at the back of the cupboard under the sink - just don't forget about them). Make sure they don't dry out.
  • When bud is visible, pop on the windowsill, flowers will appear in a few weeks.
  • Or you could buy cheap trays of hyacinths already done for you and just re-pot or rinse the roots carefully if you are using forcing jars.

Herman Day 3 note there are a few bubbles so I haven't killed him.


Thecraftytrundler said...

I cheated & bought mine!!! I love the fragrance of hyacinths, and a touch of spring on the windowsill, and natural air freshener can't be bad!!
Good luck with Herman!!

Sharon x

Unknown said...

They are lovely and last a little while too :) thank you xx