Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 26: Homemade Daily Challenge

I have been working on some owl designs over the last few weeks and thought I would share a little into my way way of working out how a project comes to fruition.

I'll start with the dimensions and some sketches, all on paper:

Then I'll work out a colour palette and select fabrics to bondaweb and cut out pieces for attachment to the background fabric.

I then free machine embroider the pieces down, this is my favourite part especially if I can be a bit more free with my style and add designs with the stitching.

I love it when the design starts to take form and you can see how the end result will look for a new product. With this little owl design I had particular fun deciding what sort of personality he should have by using buttons in different places for his eyes.


Thecraftytrundler said...

Great new owls!! Doesn't it make a big difference on the placement of the eyes too?
Hope today goes well x
(((( Hugs ))))

Sharon xx

Unknown said...

Hi thanks this was a cafetiere cosy and it was the fiddliest thing I have made in months, think I may adapt the design for a cushion!! Thank you, thought I'd get the old blog done before I go! Linds xx

Ruth at said...

Wow love it! I can definitely see it working as a cushion. Love the fabric choice too :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you Ruth, it's very kind of you to take the time to comment :) I really love the colourway I don't usually work in greens and blues but as it was for an order I had to but am really pleased with the outcome and yes I'll think I'll have a bash at a cushion next :)

Lorna May said...

Love thow his character changes depending on where buttons are.