Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 30: Homemade Daily Challenge

Well it's Monday again, start of a whole new week of posts :) Today I am giving you a little update on a project I was working on last Thursday and have now finished. The project is my first Owl cafetiere cosy and if you read the post you will remember I was having fun choosing the best position for the eyes.

The design was a bespoke order for a local person ordered through facebook (although I didn't know they were a fellow Ketteringer until I started to fill out the address label!) The customer had chosen the main background fabric from a photo of a number of fabrics in their scheme. The selected fabric was the green with the tulips (second from bottom). I then had great fun selecting the other fabrics for the design. I also really enjoyed the embellishments using free machine embroidery.

Here's some snaps of the finished cosy:

I got a message from the customer this morning to say that she loves her new cosy... always a good start to the week :)

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Lorna May said...

Not suprised she loves it. It's so cute :o)
Great start to the week.