Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 53 of challenge: Monthly Book Review

Earlier in the week I was a bit overworked and lacking inspiration so I asked my followers on my facebook page what sort of handmade things they would like me to write about on my blog, a super talented local craftsperson Dab and a Dash asked me to review some of my craft books. I thought this was a brilliant idea as I have sizable selection and the majority of them are very good.

Therefore once a month I will share one of the books that I own and have found valuable in my working crafty life.

This month's offering is a book I received as a gift from a good friend of mine who is Swedish, there is a clear Scandinavian influence in the crafts and the layout which I suspect is why she was drawn to it. I love the light and airy feel in the photo's and most of the techniques are fairly simple and focus more on home making than actual craft. Some of the projects might be a bit ambitious for a novice (I'm think of the double bed patchwork throw).

The book is divided into sections relating to the seasons, I really like this approach and it is actually quite helpful as certain things may only be available at certain times, like sloes for the sloe gin for example so it kind of helps you plan your crafty year, and I like a plan.

The projects range from, making a garden planter from and old crate to projects with shells and knitting an phone cover. There are also a few pages on restoring garden furniture and how to wrap presents nicely.

The materials used for the projects throughout the book are really beautiful and very much inspire you to have a go.

There are also some scrap book pages of ideas for quick crafts, I particularly like the one for Valentines.

Do you have a craft or homemade book that you really like? Let me know if I like it I might review it.


Lorna May said...

Oooo Thank you :o)
What a great book, never seen it before.
Those artichoke candleholders are amazing. LOVE the Valentine scrapbook.

Can't wait til next month.

Unknown said...

It is a really nice one, the pages are nice and thick and the cover is fabric bound so it's definitely a keeper. Yes I especially liked those candle holders.