Monday, 12 March 2012

Not sure I'll make it through the day without shedding a tear :(

Since I became a parent 3 years ago I have turned into some kind of emotional namby pamby. I wouldn't say that prior to motherhood I was an especially 'hard' person but I don't know if it's the hormones or whether being a parent has made me more sensitive to other people's feeling, whatever the reasons it doesn't take much to make me blub.

Today's going to be quite a difficult day for me, for the last year my daughter has had a brilliant time with a local childminder, she goes there for two mornings a week and for the early days it was in this time that I set up my handmade business evajeanie. I was really apprehensive about leaving Eva with someone else especially as in the beginning I wasn't really making any money from the handmade business, so putting her into childcare seemed a little unjustifiable. But I also knew that in the long run it would really help Eva settle at Nursery and make friends, so in a kind of backwards way, maybe I set up evajeanie to give myself something tangible to do while Eva was at childcare having a different kind of learning experience without me.

The arrangement has really worked and she has also now really settled into playschool for two afternoons, I know that a lot of this easy transition can be attributed to the fantastic childminder, she has really helped prepare Eva for the new setting and new friendships. Sadly today is the last day Eva will be going to the childminder's and we are all very sad although we are really grateful for all her hard work :)

I couldn't let the her go without making her something that will hopefully remind her of us.

 I made a cute owl cushion, made using a mix of vintage and modern fabric, I hope she likes it!

Also a hand and machine stitched card, made using a vintage fabric and button and a machine stitched and handmade gift tag.


scrappymo! said...

How sweet of you. I think she will be delighted. That tag is a gem!

Unknown said...

Thank you!