Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New design for Claireabellemakes!

It's been a hive of activity in evajeanie world. I have been making metres upon metres of union jack bunting, I am coming to the end of another big order and as I can see the end I thought I should quickly update my blog and let you know what has been going on.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I planned to 'join up' my two design businesses, to firstly offer my graphics services to crafty folk, offering help with logo's and images for print and web and secondly incorporating some screen printed designs into both my graphics work and handmade items (this is a brief description, you can read the whole post here).

This new idea generated a lot of interest and the first of my new 'crafty folk' takers was the multi-talented Claire of Claireabellemakes. Claire is a keen blogger and writes a wonderful blog about beautiful Cambridge, where she lives by the river (only a tad jealous) and her hobbies and makes.

I was asked to design a new logo and banners for her blog and and new etsy shop and also social media buttons for facebook, twitter and pinterest. I started by asking a number of questions about the look and feel required for the designs (I also send out a short questionnaire to new customers to capture all the information I need).

Claire was really clear and concise about what she wanted and this made the job really easy for me, it also helped that we like the same kind of blogs and designs! Although she didn't have any imagery of her own to use I was happy to do some illustrations as part of the job and with discussion we decided a bike with a basket would be a great, alongside some sewing paraphernalia.

Here's the finished designs:

I'm delighted to say that Claire loved the finished designs so much that she wrote about them in her blog, she said "Thanks so much to Lindsay for totally understanding my concept and prettifying my online space :-) If you need any design work, I would highly recommend her! In addition, Lindsay specialises in fantastic sewn goods including some fab bunting for Good Housekeeping Magazine." You can read more on the wonderful Claireabellemakes blog here

Other Good things that have been happening:

I did screen printing all weekend, working on designs for new products and some kits, these will be blogged about soon but here is a little pic of some genius lady coating a screen that she had made herself from a picture frame she bought in an Oxfam shop, now that's my kind of upcycling, apparently it cost her £1.00!

I have also moved into my new studio, as I have been so busy making I haven't had time to move all my things in and prettify it yet, so here is a pic of me in my new space looking happy if a little tired (from all the bunting making).

Last weekend I had a stall at the ever lovely Warkton Craft Market, it wasn't the busiest day, but I still had a great time, the Market owners are so nice and make a really lovely environment for sellers and buyers, oh and the cheese scones were especially scrummy :) Here is a pic of me and my stall:

Bye for now as off-a-bunting-making-I-go la la la la la!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for my fantastic design - it is totally 'me'!

Lovely stall :-)

Enjoy your new space.


Unknown said...

Thanks v much, feel I need to spend some time organising, might start with button sorting, that's not too strenuous is it?!

So glad you like your graphics :)