Tuesday, 24 July 2012

First of my Screen Printed products

 I have been playing around with screen printing for a few months now and have been trying to find a way to create designs that still look like they are mine and fit into my range, but without embroidering them.

It's taken a little while to find 'my style' and I guess this is something that will constantly evolve, but what I'm really hoping to do is bring together my graphics work with my textiles so that I can have a harmonious brain and avoid the disjointed thinking that I have been doing for the last eighteen months.

For my first product I have developed on of my old favourites. Mot of you will remember my carrier bag holders with the free machine embroidery, well this is a new take on that and I am really delighted to be using gorgeous old vintage candy stripe fabric too.

I am offering each design in one base fabric, so they are very limited availability and once these have gone, the print design will change along with the fabrics.

I hope you like the new concept and product. They are available directly from me and through my not on the high street.com shop.


Thecraftytrundler said...

They're great!!! Have been waiting to see them, and it's a fantastic idea!!

Sharon xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Sharon, it means such a lot that the Queen of Vintage approves :) xx

The Little Peach said...

Great job Lindsay!

You've managed to get some lovely fine detail in the textures, how did you find printing them? Was it easy enough at the studio?


Unknown said...

Thanks Sally!

It was great once I had gotten into the swing of things, bit of a trek but it's quite nice having a day out, I think it's going to be quite addictive though :)