Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Jack Frost has been!

This morning was a bit of a whirlwind rush, I decided to have a bit of a lie in, only ten minutes but when I was finally dragged out of bed by my three year old (neither of us are morning people) I realised I couldn't leave the house without a shower as my hair was stuck to my head! Then Eva didn't want to wear the clothes I had picked out for her, I really wish she hadn't developed her own sense of style at such a young age.

Once breakfast, shower and dressing and drying were all done (within about 12 minutes) we ventured to the car which was full of frost. I strapped Eva into her seat and starting to de-ice the car with some pump action de-icer. Once defrosted I got in the car, to be informed by Eva that she had forgotten her mo-mo (a manky blanket, she loves and drags everywhere with her - through everything). So my only option was to go back inside and try to hunt down the Mo-mo, which sounds simple but as the police have recently warned there have been some car crime in my road so I couldn't leave the car running. I locked Eva in the car ran back in the house, where I proceeded to run around like a headless chicken in search of the mo-mo, of course I couldn't find it as she also likes to hide her beloved scrap of mank, so I had to get her a freshly laundered one. I ran back down the stairs to find that that car had now completely frozen over again, damn you pump action de-icer!!! I had no choice but to start the de-icing process all over again and passed Eva the new mo-mo, which she cried about but luckily gave up after a two minute holler!

We got to playschool a few minutes late but they're pretty okay about that (just as well).

I returned home to crack on with some Christmas orders and it felt like a different morning altogether, the sun was coming up and has made all the frostiness look magical, I made tea and put on my favourite 6 music on the radio. When I sat down at my desk I spotted these awesome spiders webs on the balcony. I'm not a massive fan of spiders but these are beautiful, I took a few minutes to just sit and appreciate them, sometimes just a few minutes out, 'taking in' the scenery just sets me up for the day ahead.


Loulabelle Kent said...

Haha I took snaps of frosty cobwebs around that time too! They would have been perfect for Halloween a few months before. Just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it! Happy blogging :-)

Unknown said...

They don't look real do they?! Thank you, glad you like it! x