Monday, 22 April 2013

Onwards and upwards

Does anyone know why all the bad things seem to happen at once? Last week was a total nightmare and I sincerely hope this week will be better. I don't see how it could be worse.

I got myself very stressed about work and I don't think I realised how much Eva's school offer was affecting me. Incidentally she did get offered a place at our first choice but we were lucky, I know lots of Mums who were very disappointed to not get any of their three choices. It seems such an unfair system and even though we did get the school we were hoping for I can't help but pick up on other people's stress and upset. Not good.

Amongst all this I have been trying to get some new products made, photographed and uploaded as well as tackle the huge number of bunting orders. I did have to bury my head in the sand a little towards the end of last week, but after a very relaxing weekend which involved a night at the theatre to see Derren Brown (who was awesome) and a lovely picnic in the park yesterday I feel more with it and motivated today I'm pleased to say.

I did manage to get one new product uploaded, it's a Father's Day card with a Jammy Dodger on it. Available in two colour schemes, biscuit beige and sea green.

A quirky, original biscuit card, a brilliant way to tell Dad how much you love him this Fathers Day.

In other news I have finally managed to track down a copy of Homestyle Sewing magazine.

I am lucky enough to be featured on page 23. It is a lovely magazine with a great free gift of all the bits you need to make your very own needle case. Not easy to find in the shops though, I had to wait for stock and order my copy from Newstand. But was delighted when it finally did arrive!

Have a great week folks!


Moo and Mouse said...

School places are so difficult, we have just moved the girls and been very lucky to get them in to the schools we want and in september the high school we want for our eldest, it makes you feel sick waiting for the decision. I am pleased you got the place you wanted.
I love the jammy dodger card, my hubby loved his nice biscuit valentine card : )
Emma x

Hook, Line and Sink Her said...

Well done on the magazine feature :) I love the little jammy dodger cards. I hope things settle down soon- sounds like a very stressful time!
P.S. Very jealous you got to see Derren Brown- what fun that must have been!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely feedback Emma, I'm so glad he liked it! Yes the whole school thing has been awful, it is for everyone, I'm glad you have got schools you are happy with now. But yes I still feel sick even though we got the outcome we hoped for, madness?! x

Unknown said...

Thanks Hook, Line and Sink Her! This week is feeling better already, thank goodness. Derren was completely mind boggling, such a great entertainer, I am still baffled! We were lucky and managed to bag some cancellation tickets as it was all sold out in Northampton, if you get the chance go, it was brilliant! xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the magazine feature!! I hope life is less stressful soon x

Unknown said...

Thanks Claire, I was super excited (once I had tracked down a copy that is)! Feeling a million times better today, amazing what a bit of sunshine can do! x

sweetbriardreams said...

I was so sorry to read that the school offer wasn't favourable. I went through an appeal a few years ago for my eldest, we won, however it was the most stressful three months of my life. Luckily the homework that I had done with him on the appeal was enough for them to just accept my daughter in. My thoughts are really with you. Chel x

Unknown said...

Hi Chel, thanks for your kind comments, I probably didn't explain very well but we did actually get the school we wanted (you're probably thinking well why are you moaning then) the whole procedure was just so stressful and seeing other parents who weren't as lucky so upset was just horrible. I'm so glad you had a happy outcome, sorry if my post wasn't very clear! x