Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 20: Homemade Daily Challenge

Good morning to you all on this rather grim Friday morning.

A slightly different post from me today, I wanted to share a strange experience that I had this week, it kind of spooked me a bit but did make me laugh too.

As I have a creative brain which doesn't really like order and form very much I have got stacks of notebooks and sketchbooks to keep myself kind of organised. I am always writing down little notes for myself (that I usually can't decipher) sometimes I'll sit and sketch for hours, especially if I have been somewhere particularly inspiring, like Cornwall or Devon, I always seem to come home from these holidays brimming with ideas and just 'have' to get them all down on paper before they fade or seem less important.

It must have been in one of these sketching frenzies that I drew these little guys:

I have no idea when this sketch took place, I found it last week when revisiting last years sketch books, I was just looking for ideas to expand upon (and to crack some aforementioned codes). This my not seem all that remarkable, but it may when I show you these little fellas that I made in September 2011:

I made these cute little cats as a companion for my larger Percy Cats (he's the dude in the middle). The really odd thing is I have a pretty strict methodical way of working. As I can be a bit of a scatterbrain I always make a pattern and select all the fabrics and trims in advance (this stops me getting stressed out/sidetracked). With the little Pickles Cats I didn't follow these procedures at all.  I simply made them from scratch cutting the fabric by following lines I had drawn freehand. I can never usually work in this way but just felt very confident that it would all work out, I think it must have been because subconsciously I had already done all the working out in my head and knew exactly how I wanted the end designs to look.  I was really happy with results and they sold within a few weeks.
I'm not sure if I'll make any more, if I do I'll probably make a pattern first!


Thecraftytrundler said...

Great to see how your kitties have evolved from a sketch to lovely, cuddly creations!!!
Your sketchbook must be very interesting!

Sharon xx

Unknown said...

Thanks! It's interesting yes, you could say that! I love how little ideas that seem a bit rubbish at the time can turn out into something really cool :) xx

Lorna May said...

He was determined you would make him, he knew how cute he is :o)

Like sharon would love to see more of your sketch book.

Unknown said...

Thank you, well if you are interested I shall post some of the more coherent pages :)