Saturday, 25 August 2012

New work space

I moved into my new workspace back in June but have been far too busy sewing and designing to write about it. I had every intention of writing a bit before the summer was out the last few days have started to feel this way, so before my thoughts are turning to cosifying and chutney making I am going to share a few pics.

A small selection of my buttons, these ones are organised into pretty colour co-ordinated Jamie Oliver jars that were pilfered from my sister's kitchen (thank you Juju)

A bit about my new space

Just to clarify when I say 'new work space', I haven't had anything built or moved into a studio (yet) I have just moved some room around at home and now taken over the dining room, I used to have a studio off-site that I worked in but having a toddler at home now it's more conducive so work from home.

We painted the new space a bright white to keep it clean and fresh and hopefully help me keep it tidy, I also didn't want to be influenced by the colour of the walls (sounds daft but it's true). It's a lovely bright room now, with a big roof light and doors to the balcony overlooking the garden, it's been really lovely working here over the last few weeks and it's going to be great watching the seasons change from my desk.

I'm also pleased to report I have only seen one very small mouse (those who have known me for a while, will remember I had a similar set up in my old house with my work space next to the patio doors, only to discover we had what can only be described as a colony of rats living in the garden!!!! We moved not long after this discovery).

I've had a bit of time to sort out some of my workspace to get it looking something like how I want it to look and function. I don't want it to be cluttered as that just stresses me when I have lots of orders to work on, it's needs to be clean, tidy and everything needs a home! Although I like the chaotic artistic look, I just can't live with it for very long if I need to be productive.

My Corner Stash

The footstool was from the Sue Ryder shop in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, it was a new item but still a bargain.

My pretty pen pot from A Most Marvellous Place to Shop in Northampton

Big Button Coaster, from SqaurePear Furniture at

That's all for now, I'll add some more as and when I get sorted. I'm also going to be having a huge de-stash of things that I no longer need or use, that are just taking up valuable space, so stay in touch to find out details. Enjoy your bank holiday!


Made by Mrs Jones x said...

Your workspace looks really neat and tidy - I wish mine was like that!

Unknown said...

It's not always like this, but I try to tidy up at the end of each job otherwise the mess just seems to grow!! lol x

Business Meeting Space Solutions said...

The pieces in your corner stash are just fabulous! Two thumbs up for that fine project!