Friday, 31 August 2012

Preparing for a Handmade & Vintage Extravaganza

It's been a busy week or so, haven't really seen anyone, just been sewing and designing, oh and I did a bit of printing too! I have a stall at the Vintage & Handmade fair in Milton Keynes on 8-9th September to prepare for and I've really enjoyed making lots of one-off things. Although I really love the quantities selling online involves (and how it makes my handmade work a viable business) sometimes it's nice to have the freedom to make one-off pieces. So this week I have been making things in much smaller quantities that will only be available at fairs.

One such thing is my Weetabix Alpen cushion, made from a vintage Alpen tea towel, I really love this one, so it may not even make it to the fair!

If you are in the Milton Keynes area (or even if you're not) and you like Vintagey/Handmade Loveliness you should get down to the Shopping Centre MK next weekend, you won't be disappointed, if you do make it, come along and say hi, hope to see you there!


Moo and Mouse said...

I love the cushion, it's definitely a keeper what a good idea : )

Mark Dawson said...

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