Friday, 9 November 2012

A place for everything and everything in it's place

I'm not sure what's happened to me, I have always thought of myself as a bit of a messy person but I am becoming increasingly aware that I must have changed. Since setting up as a freelance designer seven years ago I have noticed that I am far neater and like things to be tidied away and I even like things to be clean! A far cry from my student digs where I didn't hoover for one whole year!!

I am a bit worried that I might be turning into a neat freak. I have recently moved into my new studio which is palatial in comparison to my old box room, but it has somehow turned me into the world's tidiest person. I have bought some new storage to help me keep things nice and neat. The first piece is an old printer tray that I bought for my coloured threads, initially I had just put the spools into the gaps any old how, but looking at them every day was driving me nuts so I have now rearranged them by colour and I feel so much better about them (am I nuts).

As I have a large range of products in my shop, many of which are screen printed, I needed somewhere to keep half finished products (things that have been printed or stitched but not yet assembled). I found this set of drawers last week in IKEA - yes I braved IKEA during half term and discovered the wonder that is Småll land, I left Eva happily playing for 50 minutes so I could go on the serious business of storage hunting.

I found these beauties:

They are perfect for my needs, lots of shallow drawers and space on top for my printer, they were very heavy though so I had to ask for help in getting them to the car. The only small problem I had was that my husband (a furniture designer) hates them, but I think he is warming to the idea slightly now as I have somewhere to keep half finished projects and orders.

I love them, I don't even have every drawer full at the moment which is great, as I can grow into them!

A great place to store finished....

and half finished products...

The white liners of the drawers are also a good place to photograph small items.

I am just getting all my makes ready for a Craft and Vintage Fair at Wicksteed park taking place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday 11-5 if you are in the area pop by and say Hi, my lovely friend Kelly has said she will come along to help me out (not sure that she knows what she is letting herself in for)!!


Deanne said...

i am so doing that with my printer tray too, but i want to paint it first, just need to find the right colour lol
i totally love those drawers altho i totally love ikea too x

Made by Mrs Jones x said...

I am so envious - my sewing stuff just ends up in a box within a box, but I need to start with a desk (I work on the dining table) first before moving to storage.

Unknown said...

I thought about painting mine too Deanne but couldn't decided on a colour! I think IKEA is fab for craft storage x

Unknown said...

Mrs Jones, it has been a gradual process for me too, but I'm slowly taking over the house, one button at a time!! x

Moo and Mouse said...

I'm feeling a bit of drawer envy here, I could really use some storage for sewing things, I love that you've turned them into a photo taking place too :-)