Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Letter from Santa

I am helping Santa with his letter writing this year as he is super busy. Each letter is personalised with information about each child, including achievements over the past year and even what colour their front door is!

Every Santa letter is decorated with our own bold design of snowflakes with a log cabin and a smiling Father Christmas and every letter includes some personal information about the child, every is letter unique for every child. The charming handwritten typeface is appealing for older children and clear for young readers. It is posted directly to the child in a special North Pole envelope.

If you would like one, you need to be quick, they can be purchased from my not on the high shop here.


Ello Design said...

Ooo these are really sweet and i'm sure they'll be popular ;)

Leanne x x

Unknown said...

Thanks Leanne!! I am totally shocked at how popular they have been, they are even being sold in a local baby café too. Shame it's going to be a short lived success, but there's always next year again I suppose!

Hope things are going well with you too?

Linds xx

scrappymo! said...

Great idea. I think they will be hot sellers!

Anonymous said...

Are you doing these again this year?

Unknown said...

Hi Debbie, yes they are available now from here:

Thanks xx